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Tycho / on Wed, Sep 5 2007 at 11:36 am

Music That I Like

One of the questions during a a panel at PAX had to do with the italicised line at the end of each day’s post.  They’re almost always song lyrics, and back before we were paying for bandwidth (and before RIAA rape gangs were prowling the web) these lines used to link directly to the MP3.  I maintained the practice afterward because it’s sort of like a song of the day, and I like the idea that someone might be struck by a strange turn of phrase and seek out a piece of music.  It also serves as a gauge of my mental state at the moment.  Today’s song, for example, is Stan Rodgers’ incredible live version of the sea shanty “Rolling Down To Old Maui,” which Pandora kicked out after about a week of tuning the station.  I’ve listened to it about thirty times today.

The person who asked the question at the con complimented my musical tastes, and I accepted the compliment, but I’m almost always late to the scene.  I just bought Interpol’s “Turn On The Bright Lights,” for chrissakes.  I’m mostly lucky to know people who do have a unique library.  I told him I would mention a few of my favorite bands on the site, but then I forgot.  Essentially, it’s music that cool people were listening to a decade ago (where applicable).  I am a musical carrion bird.

He wanted me to list off a few bands, and I said I would last week, but then I forgot.  These are the first ten albums I could think of.

“Starless” by Shiner
“Escondida” by Jolie Holland
“Copper Blue” by Sugar
“The Creek Drank The Cradle” by Iron & Wine
“Illinois” by Sufjan Stevens
“How Did You Find Me Here” by David Wilcox
“Bone Machine” by Tom Waits
“The Seduction of Claude Debussy” by Art of Noise
“Black Celebration” by Depeche Mode
“Rock Collection” by Pond


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