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Tycho / on Mon, Dec 17 2007 at 10:56 am

Burnout Paradise, Addendum

Two things:  first, I forgot to mention one of the game’s coolest features.  When you wreck another person, their camera snaps a shot of them.  And it’s exactly the shot you would expect!  The best ones I saw were from a guy who had a friend over, which showed him clearly frustrated and his cohort cackling with joy.  It really added a lot to a game I was already really enjoying.

Also, in a radical reversal - like you might see in a wrestling match - the Playstation 3 version is clearly the better of the two.  Clearly.  People can talk about the contrast of the comparative images all night, if they would like, slight texture differences and so forth.  Both look excellent.  The 360 version quite simply doesn’t have it in the performance department.  It runs, and well, but once you’ve played it on the PS3 you start to notice performance dips and lost frames that used to just fade into the background.  Also, this is the rare case where the 360’s consistent UI is actually a hindrance to a cohesive experience:  PS3 owners pull up an entirely in-game menu to select friends to play with.  360 owners get the same experience up until the end, when you leave the game UI altogether while this huge blade thing sweeps in and obscures the game.  Typically, joining and invites occur outside the actual game experience.  It’s only jarring here because the distinction between single player and multiplayer is so liquid.  Still, I thought it was interesting, particularly if that becomes a trend. 


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