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Gabe / on Wed, Jun 18 2008 at 11:34 am


Lil’ Gabe is 3 and a half now and so it’s very important that we always have a ready supply of fruit snacks. If we’re out shopping or at the bank or whatever, fruit snacks have the ability to soothe the savage three year old. We like to let Gabe pick out his own fruit snacks and he usually will choose Spider-Man or maybe SpongeBob. However I came home recently and found these in the pantry.


I would love to know what sick bastard at Kellogs came up with this genius idea. I just spent the first three years of my sons life trying to get him not to eat blocks, and now you’re telling him they taste like fucking strawberries. Thanks a lot assholes. Seriously, how in the hell did this ever get past their legal department. You can’t tell me that this isn’t a lawsuit just waiting to happen. I can only assume that their next product is fruit flavored thumbtacks.

In other news Penny Arcade has been selected as one of Time magazines 50 best websites of 2008. I try not to abuse our power very often but I think it would be pretty cool to win this. Maybe it could be like our ten year anniversary present. If you could take just a couple minutes to hit this link and then slide the little rating bar up to…oh I don’t know…100, that would be awesome. You can track the top five sites right here.

-Gabe out

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