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Gabe / on Sat, Jun 21 2008 at 9:13 pm

one more time

Okay, since some people want to know here’s the gist of my earlier posts.

1. The Daily Show did a joke about punching a baby but the baby was a dick. It’s like a comic we did a long time ago but I think they probably arrived at it on their own. If they had included a bit about flipping off a box of kittens I’d be a little more worried.

2. We edited our newest D&D podcast to remove a couple of uh…inappropriate remarks. At one point someone said that “rape is a minor action.” He did not mean to imply that the act of rape was not significant. He was simply saying that if, in the course of a D&D adventure you were to rape a goblin, that would be considered a “minor action” thus still allowing you to move and propose an attack.

-Gabe out

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