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Gabe / on Wed, Jul 9 2008 at 10:28 am

Paint the Line stuff

During the Paint the Line series I had a lot of requests for individual panels to be made into wallpapers. I went ahead and made a bunch based on what seemed to be the most popular. Thanks to everyone that mailed me about the artwork in this series. We’ve been talking about doing Paint the Line for more than two years, so I’ve had a lot of time to think about these scenes. It was fun to finally draw the match on the submarine and the kiss between Tycho andOksana after thinking about them for so long. 

Speaking of oksana, I had a lot of people mail me to tell me that she’s “the hottest girl you’ve ever drawn.” I think you are probably right but I honestly can’t take much credit for it. The character of Oksana is based on a real table tennis player named Biba Golic. She plays in exhibition matches all over the world as a part of the Killerspin Krew

During my vacation I played a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics A2. At this point I feel very comfortable recommending it to fans of tactics games or FF in general. The game is really beautiful with gorgeous backgrounds and special effects that look like they belong on the PS2 rather than the DS.  I also read  a great book by Jack  Mcdevitt called Seeker. I’ve picked up quite a few of his books because his covers tend to meet my stringent requirements. So far I’ve been really impressed with everything I’ve read from him but Seeker stands out as being especially good in my opinion. If you dig hard Sci-Fi you should check him out.


-Gabe out

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