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Tycho / on Mon, Oct 13 2008 at 12:00 am

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The Deluge

Looking over the month’s releases is an act that contains within it a densely-packed cluster of nightmare seeds.  If you are willing to project forward even just to the Fourth of November, a not unreasonable assertion, the terror is only magnified further.  Assuming you are agnostic in your platform ownership, the grisly scene is further amplified.  The particulars of this hellish, custom dreamscape largely depend on what you’re into.

We devote a very small amount of space in this comic to Dead Space, which is an inversion of the amount of time we spend thinking about it.  I’m utterly obsessed with it, but I try not to hold forth on the topic because frankly I don’t know anything.  I know the few minutes I’ve seen it running in front of me, and I try to glean things from trailers, but I don’t know anything you don’t.  I’m waiting for Wednesday like everyone else, to discern if the imaginary structure I’ve built in my mind conforms in any way to reality.

Large portions of my house are falling down into the Earth.  Men with jackhammers came in and tore up my computer room, finding beneath it a rich topsoil which would be great for growing food crops but is substantially less adept at holding up homes.  I had to dismantle all of my shit and hide it under a tarp during the work - agony of a very pure sort, because with every night previous I had been falling into the grip of a PC resurgence.

Every night, when I must apportion my time, I’m choosing between King’s Bounty, The Witcher: Enhanced, or Warhammer Online.  And I can’t decide, so progress in each is very, very slow.  And I couldn’t care less.

These are, every one of them, PC Games, unapologetically.  They’re not in any way generalized for some theoretical, universal palette, some nonexistent creature.  They’re each of them beautiful bastards that give generously, but will wring you out with their own demands.  I like to be challenged by games, and I don’t necessarily mean by their difficulty:  I want to play games that ask serious questions about my genre assumptions.  I don’t think this is a universal desire, by any means.  But it’s a large part of why I play, and that raw, unapologetic, almost wilderness aesthetic doesn’t exist anywhere else.

(CW)TB out.  

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