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Gabe / on Tue, Jan 6 2009 at 1:11 pm

An update

Lots of people want to know about the cards on the table. Those are power cards. They get printed up automatically when you create a character using the Character Builder tool over at the D&D site. It’s a really great tool for a lot of reasons. It handles a lot of the math for you as far as figuring out modifiers and skills. I think the best part though is the power cards that it makes. It generates a card for each of your at-will,encounter and daily powers. Not only that but the tool figures out all your modifiers and prints out the damage each of your powers does after taking into account all those variables. It’s really handy because everyone can have their cards out on the table and when you use an encounter power you just turn it over. 

Also people have asked about the game tokens. We’re using those because we don’t have miniatures yet. They come with the D&D starter kit and are just little round tokens with monster pictures on them. I used the drawing of the party I did to make some custom tokens for each of the PC’s. Eventually we’ll probably pick up some mini’s but for right now the tokens work fine.

-Gabe out

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