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Tycho / on Wed, Jan 28 2009 at 12:00 am

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Further Songs Of Sorcelation, Part Six

This strip represents the culmination of Further Songs Of Sorcelation, but if you seek greater closure on the imaginary film itself, that is something I can provide.

“After gazing out at all the wolfoids he had fucked up, Grimm Shado wondered if he had been too extreme.  He shook the thought from his head.  He had taken it to the limit, and that was not enough.  Beyond the limit was The Extremity, and beyond that was The Danger Zone.  He had only tapped into this last place once, when the Mummy Slut’s curse had made him into a Daypire.  He hoped that he would never have to rely on those sweet energies again.

Turning his dark glare to the last Witchalok - the Witchalok King, King Witchalok - he glowered.  “Say whatever you’re going to say,” said Grimm.  “I’ve got shit to do.”

The Last King Of The Witchaloks coughed, witchily.  He was thinking about how had just been killed by his own son, which is pretty deep.  Then, he remembered something important from another book.  “You have a brother, Grimm Shado.  And…

...he is you.”

Before the Gears patch dropped, glitch enthusiasts attempted to make as much use of them as possible, as though they had glitches stored up in great warehouses whose “use by” date was rapidly approaching.  It made the last few nights before the update a kind of supernatural affair, where phantasmal killers fought demigods openly in the city square.  If Epic is considering possible DLC, a pack that puts the glitches back in apparently has a substantial built-in audience.

Glitches are manipulations of the rules, and they can often confer substantial advantages, but (outside of Standby and a couple others) they don’t suspend the simulation entirely and they can often be circumvented.  Now that the glitches are gone, at any rate I haven’t seen any of the “classics”, all that’s left are bugs which are substantially more frustrating.  Downed opponents whose physical position is apparently different from their actual position.  Grenade traps that don’t explode, or have bizarre and capricious areas of effect.  The exploits were actually drawing my attention away from more fundamental concerns.

I think we’re going to start interleaving Gears nights with the Dawn of War II beta.  I’m not especially savvy at RTS games, which (as I suggested earlier) might be what draws me to it - it’s made breaks with tradition that also, happily, bring it closer to the source material.  I should establish that the less like an RTS a game is the more I tend to like it, so please take that into account when considering my advice.  Tactical games are my passion, and so a game that minimizes domestic “housekeeping” tasks puts it in my wheelhouse.  If you look at the ones I like the most:  Myth, Ground Control, and World in Conflict, they’re all games that yank that shit out by the root.

(CW)TB out.  

i’m getting used to the atmosphere

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