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Gabe / on Wed, Feb 25 2009 at 10:13 am

D&D podcast ep.2

Episode 2 of our D&D podcast is now live on iTunes and over on the official site. Since we recorded these podcasts I’ve had the opportunity to not only sit in on a few different games but actually run my own game. One thing I’ve noticed is just how different D&D is depending on the group and the DM. From hardcore min/maxing motherfuckers, to groups where it seems like the rules get in the way of their acting. What I enjoy about the game is really the table talk. That is to say I like having my friends around the table,cracking jokes and telling stories. My feeling is that the core D&D rules are there for you to use as much or as little as you like. In my game I try really hard to strike a balance between what the rules dictate and what’s going to be the most fun. 

If you know the rules backwards and forwards you might get a little frustrated with us during these podcasts. Sometimes we don’t roll the right dice,sometimes we go off on tangents trying to crack each other up, and sometimes we don’t remember to play each ability exactly the way it’s spelled out in the book. That’s okay though, because for the eight straight hours it took us to record the entire thing, we had a fucking blast.

Also, a few people asked me to post my character sheet. Here you go:

click for the big version

-Gabe out


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