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Gabe / on Wed, Mar 18 2009 at 11:07 am

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I’ve really enjoyed getting back into the live shows. I did another yesterday and recorded it. Like I mentioned before, the best way to catch one of these is to follow my Twitter. I’ll send the word out via a tweet a few minutes before starting a show. I’ll be broadcasting most strips so look for those shows on Tuesday,Thursday and Friday. If you watch the show from yesterday you’ll see that I will sometimes answer questions from the live chat. If you want to participate in that you’ll need a Ustream account. Also I’ve had a lot of comments about my musical choices. Everything from “this music is the soundtrack to an abortion” to “Great music…if you’re a queer!” so as you can see it really varies. Honestly some people do like it and have asked for my Pandora username so they can check out my station. So if you use Pandora you should be able to search for cwgabriel and see my station. I’ve been tuning it for a while now and if you like bands like the Weepies, The Postal Service and cats like James Taylor you should enjoy it. 

Episode five of our D&D podcast with Tycho, Wil and Scott is up on iTunes and the official site. I’ve really been enjoying running a game for my friends but listening to these podcasts combined with picking up PHB II yesterday has me hungry to play again. Jim Darkmagic is a ton of fun and judging by my email you guys seem to dig him. Heads up R.A. Salvatore: When you get done with Drizzt how about a “Legends of Jim” series? 

My game is still going great. My players are nearing the end of the Thunderspire Labyrinth now. On Monday they found themselves in a really nasty room called the “Hall of Forced Introspection”. This was a brutal room full of mirrors that attacked the PC’s with different effects. Kara actually helped me out by making really cool little mirrors by wrapping dominoes in tinfoil. 

You might not want to read the next bit if you’re a PC in the Tunderspire and you want to avoid spoilers. It was a tough puzzle and very different from the straight forward combat my group has been doing. It made them think about the game in a different way. This wasn’t so much about rolling dice and determining damage. This was about imagining yourself in this place and thinking about the tools you have. It started off with the Fighter peeking through a set of drapes at the mirror room and promptly vanishing into thin air. Eventually the Rogue ended up scoping out the room via its reflection in his dagger, rather than looking directly at it. He then shouted directions to a blindfolded Paladin who stumbled around the room smashing the mirrors. It was slow going but it worked and I was pretty impressed with their ingenuity. 

-Gabe out


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