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Gabe / on Wed, Apr 29 2009 at 10:38 am

D&D questions


A few of my players have been twittering during our weekly D&D games. I’ve been getting lots of mail and questions via twitter about our game and so I figured I’d answer them all at once right here.

What miniatures do you use?

We actually use a minis from a couple different sources. For my part as the DM I use the official D&D minis. These tend to vary in quality but for monsters they get the job done. My players on the other hand wanted their figs to be a little cooler and so they use minis from Reaper. These are really cool metal figs that you can paint yourself. 

Where do you get the power cards?

If you ask my group they will probably tell you that these power cards are what made the transition from playing CCG’s to D&D easy. If you use the official character creator it will automatically generate these cards for you. The best part about them is that they take into account all your items and abilities and then just tell you exactly what you need to roll. Normally a power might tell you to to roll 2 weapon damage and add your strength modifier. Then you need to scan your equipment and add any other relevant bonuses. The power card automatically does all that and will just say roll 2 d6 +8. When you have tons of powers and all kinds of gear that effects them, I’m sure you can see how much easier these cards make things. 

Anyone can go and use the character creator but it’s only free up to level 3. After that you’ll need to be a D&D insider subscriber in order to continue to use the builder to level up your character. Obviously that’s not something everyone wants to do, but my players have found it incredibly useful.

What program do you use to make the maps or where do you get them?

The maps I use come from a couple different places. I’ve been able to find some really nice maps for the pre-published adventure I ran on the Cartographers guild. This is essentially just a big forum for people you love to make maps. I’ve also created a basic grid template in photoshop that I can use to draw out my own maps real quick. 

Where do you get the status effect markers?

This is the question I get more than any other. All the awesome status stickers you see in these photos came from Kiko. Having a graphic designer in the party is pretty awesome. He made marks and status effect stickers for all the players and I honestly don’t know how we ever got by with out them. People want them so bad that we’re actually working right now on a way to make these available online. 

-Gabe out


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