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Gabe / on Mon, May 4 2009 at 10:56 am

New Painting

I picked up the new Wolverine game on Friday and put maybe five hours into it over the weekend. I’ve heard it’s about ten hours total so I’m only about half way through, but damn this game is a blast. I’m not done with the game yet obviously but here’s some stuff I really love about it:

-The lunge move! Locking onto an enemy and then leaping at him like a wild fucking animal is awesome.
-All the combos and finishing moves. Even at the five hour mark I am still killing guys in new and gruesome ways.
-Classic Wolverine costume. The only thing better than dismembering people is doing it while wearing bright yellow tights!
-The skill/mutagen system. You can upgrade wolverine’s abilities and slot new mutagens to customize his powers.
-The graphics. They are sweet!

Things I don’t like:

-The “Boss fights”. Sometimes a giant monster will come after you and the fight quickly devolves into you dodging and then leaping onto his head and pressing x over and over. Not much fun.

This is one case where a demo sold me on the game. Wolverine really wasn’t something I had planned on picking up, but I grabbed the demo and had a blast. So far I have not been disappointed with the purchase. If you like a good brawler I say go grab this one.

The other thing I did this weekend is finish my latest painting.

This one is called the Girl and the Ghost. It is Acrylic on canvas 18"x24”.

I’m still studying a lot of Mary Blair and using her work to try and teach myself how to paint. I started this one months ago and then got frustrated with it and put it aside. I came back to it a couple weeks ago and totally re-did the background. I was basing it on a digital piece I did, but a lot of the cool Photoshop effects that looked so cool in that image just didn’t translate to paint very well. Once I reworked it I started to like it a lot better and I’m actually really pleased with the final piece.

I’m thinking about trying to do a series of smaller paintings next. I’d like to do a bunch of different characters from PA and maybe bring them to San Diego comic con. I’m not sure I’ll be able to swing it, but that’s my goal. I’ll keep you updated.

-Gabe out

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