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Tycho / on Wed, May 6 2009 at 12:00 am

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The Problem With Mystical Orbs

It sounds like the blame can be spread around on the PC side of the equation, but even on the Xbox 360 version of Broken Steel - sharp bit of naming, that - users are making a their strange issues known.  Broken Steel is the one I waited for, the “real” expansion which would deepen the charter of the original game.  There’s a rumor going around about a fourth content drop for Fallout 3 - in what wretched state would such a creature be delivered, I wonder?  It’s enough to make one consider divination, even taking into account the inherent dangers.

I nearly bought it just to own it, confident that it would bloom in time, but my optimism keeps putting me in harm’s way.  It’s starting to become exhausting.

A three for three record of buttfucked DLC makes the supposed benefit of these ambiguous “exclusives” somewhat diffuse.  From a platform perspective, the notion these investments are intended to create is that the Xbox 360 is a place where exciting things happen.  What really happens in virtually every case with the content Microsoft secures is that the definitive version of said content is eventually delivered on their competitor’s box - minus the technical bullshit, and typically plus advanced features.  Strictly speaking, this is not the kind of thing you should pay money for.

I only buy things I want, so much of the conversation surrounding the generalized villainy of downloadable content doesn’t get very far with me.  Under optimal circumstances, though - and I recognize that circumstances rarely match that description - you don’t want to make your early adopters feel like easy marks.  Even when it is perfectly apt.

(CW)TB out.  

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