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Gabe / on Wed, Jun 10 2009 at 12:00 am

May We Die In The Forest

It might have been helpful to announce this ahead of time.

Beginning today, projecting through Friday and culminating on Monday, we will offer you one page “treatments” of three comics which differ radically from our usual output.  Next week, we’ll get a poll up to determine which one you’d like to see us investigate further.  Then, later this summer - during the San Diego Comic Con would be my guess - we’ll upload a storyline based on what the metamind has chosen.

Today’s offering is Lookouts, and if you’re curious about the conversation that accompanied its manufacture, we’ve uploaded a podcast that covers some (but not all) of it.  The podcast, too, is different from what we usually offer: this writing process is the one we use for longer form, more serious projects, where the art duties are so substantial that we must forego our typical hybrid system for something more specialized and industrial.  As a result, since the writing is taking place in the moist, dark cavern of my skull, it’s not something you can actually record.  Or, you could record it, but it’s not audible.  In any case, as is usual, my goal is to “accompany” what he is doing, in he musical sense.  I’m aware that every word I write must necessarily obliterate comic art, and so I try to make this trade come out even.

On Friday, I expect we will deliver Automata: film noir, during the Prohibition on Machine Intellect.  Monday should see a vehicle for Jim Darkmagic (of the New Hampshire Darkmagics).  I like writing Penny Arcade, but I also crave the exertion of creating entire worlds and sustaining them in my mind.  My goal, my ultimate goal, is to build a universe that doesn’t fall apart two days later.  It is my hope that one of these strange creatures will endure.

(CW)TB out.  

in the empty coats of men

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