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Gabe / on Mon, Aug 17 2009 at 10:19 am


Before you’re too hard on Gabe remember that he harbors secret homosexual urges, is blissfully ignorant,  has been a non-judgmental counselor, and yes is sometimes an insensitive prick

In reality I’d have to say I agree with Tycho on this whole ad campaign. I think the intent is admirable but they really are assuming that these animals can be reasoned with. Check out this picture I snapped last week. This is what they are up against.

First of all let me state that I did not approach this gentleman at the beginning of our engagement and profess my extreme skill at “noscope”. Nor did I at any point during the game inform him of my sexual orientation. In fact, I can’t even remember ever playing with this person. Regardless, he has managed to come to some conclusions regarding my “noscope” skill (or should I say lack thereof) as well as my affinity for men. Now assuming that we did actually play a round of Halo together his remarks about my “noscope” skills are understandable. Although I would argue that what he claims is a lack of skill with “noscope” is actually a general lack of skill in all facets of the game. Perhaps he was only personally witness to my sad attempts at noscopery and he was hesitant to assume the rest of my skills were equally as pathetic. In such a case I appreciate his good faith and generosity.

His assumptions with regard to my homosexuality however are in question. I fail to understand how during the course of a round of CTF or even rocket race he would be able to discern my sexual orientation. Not once did I return to the game lobby and make some remark like “I captured that flag like I captured the heart of my male life partner!” or “Riding a mongoose reminds me of having sex with a man, which is something I do frequently because I am gay!” Now had I made such comments there would be no question about my homosexuality and his remark, while certainly derogatory would at least be accurate. 

LadyLikeRaul if you are out there reading this, I’d love to hear what you think of these ads. 

-Gabe out


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