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Gabe / on Fri, Oct 9 2009 at 2:30 pm

Pre-Order your copy of Tekken 6 today!

The incredible tale that is the story of Roger Jr. the Kangaroo continues today over on Namco’s Tekken site.

I got some shit last week from people after I complained about pre-orders and then proceeded to link to the Tekken comic.  Right next to the comic was an ad asking people to pre-order Tekken 6 in order to get a CTS costume. I can understand how this might look a little Hypocritical. The fact is that I am a huge Hypocrite going so far as to actually take the Hippocritic oath at one point. On one hand I personally do not like pre-ordering shit. On the other hand I was given the opportunity to have something I created placed into what is probably my favorite fighting game series ever. However the hitch was that it would be a pre-order bonus. Now a normal person might feel conflicted and go back and forth about this decision.

Not so for me.

My Hypocritic oath gave me the luxury of agreeing instantly to the offer!

So yes, please go and read our funny Tekken comic about Kangaroos and while you are there consider pre-ordering your copy of Tekken 6 to get a CTS costume.

See what I mean, that shit is easy for me.

Also the latest episode of our D&D podcast is up and Wil Wheaton breaks the most important rule in D&D:

Never split the party.

-Gabe out

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