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Gabe / on Wed, Aug 25 2010 at 10:09 am

Let’s go to the phones!

I have gotten almost 300 responses so far! There is simply no way I can post all the great mails I am getting. Here is are a few that echo what a lot of people seem to be saying. I this interesting? Do you want me to post some more?

“While I try my best to buy video games when they come out, and pay the full $60, sometimes I miss one and end up getting it later, for cheaper, used.  It’s not so much the “buy new” aspect of this conversation that others me, but instead the characterization of someone who buys games used as some sort of delinquent.  Sometime I need to save money in order to play the games I want, but that doesn’t make me any less a good person.  Just thrifty.  And they’re not loosing any money when the choice for me is buy it used or don’t buy it at all.”



“I am a gamer and a developer (art and animation side of things). Theres a lot to say here, but it really boils down to this:

What other customers expect a used product be be identical to a new product? Buying a used car comes with increased wear (and thus decreased function). Buying a used book means you are risking page damage or a broken binding.  Buying anything used means that you get a cheaper price for decreased function or increased risk. It also requires a little more awareness on the part of the customer to make sure they are aware of what they are getting. In the video game case, if you know the game wont have multi-player used, you can adjust what you are willing to spend on it, the same way you might offer a few hundred dollar less for a used motorcycle due to rust.”



“Hey gabe,

I’ve been playing games for most of my life now and since I’ve come to be an adult, my gaming has slowed somewhat. Since I have other responsibilities now, buying that new game I’ve wanted has to take a back seat. I would agree that buying new games and supporting the people that make them is THE WAY TO GO, but I’ve found that when you’re gaming on a budget some times you just need to listen to your wallet and do what’s best for YOU the consumer/gamer. It’s really no different than the people who have to buy a used car because they can’t afford to buy a new one =) either way I think it’s a personal choice and there is not “right or wrong” here. Not to mention that as we move closer and closer to digital distro…used game sales will become a thing of the past.”



“Hey Mike.  I worked at a Gamestop for three years in Dixon, CA, and I can no longer support saving $10 on used games after seeing all of the profit Gamestop turns by hurting the very developers that fuel their business.  Every used game purchase means another chance to sell Game Informer, which is just a rag to hype GS pre-orders, which just happens to come with a card that entices you to buy more used games and trade in your new games for less than a third of what you paid for them, which in turn will be sold to someone else for 200% markup.  I realize that economic times are tough and people need to save money where they can, but buying used is bad for the industry that is providing you with all of this entertainment.  No one wants to see the big picture, so now we get these “buy new or get effed” tactics that publishers are pushing.

Here’s a suggestion; how about making the new games more affordable?  Another advantage of used at Gamestop is that you can return the games if you don’t like them.  I have a feeling that there’s a lot of underrated games that may have sold much better at the $50 price point.”



“Hey Gabe,

Personally I would love to be able to support every developer who makes the games I enjoy.  I understand that they are doing this for a living and I want to help them keep doing what they love…. BUT… As an adult with a family, my budget for buying games is limited.  I have other responsibilities and they NEED to come first.  If my only chance to enjoy a game is by buying it used… then that’s the way it HAS to be.  I am however fully onboard with buying games via digital stores, so long as the price tag can fit my budget.  It really comes down to being able to play the maximum amount of games on limited funds.

People who buy used games may not be customers, but the people who sell them often are. I wouldn’t take well to Toyota telling me I’m cheating them by selling my car, and I don’t take well to THQ telling me I’m cheating them by selling a game I’m not going to play again.”

“My thoughts as a dev:

There is another point to make besides the fact that buying used games does not send money to the developer. Unlike the movies, we do not have a theatre release. That boxed copy on the shelf (or digital download) is our only means of revenue generation. This is why we love digital delivery. There are no used games on Steam.

I know you guys catch a ton of shit for talking about topics like this, but if even a small percentage of your readers walk away a little more educated on the subject then it is a big win for everyone (except gamestop)”

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