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Tycho / on Mon, May 23 2011 at 12:00 am

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What happens with Kickstarter typically is that a person will have an idea for a new wrist-strap or a proto-scarf or an Indie RPG port or even an all-video extravaganza.  Because of how dumb the world is, there are barriers to the completion of these crucial scarves - and this site allows for people to aggregate enthusiasm in such a way as to make them possible.

The idea is that you would then sell these scarves, generating wealth thereby.  But that seems like the long way around the fence.

Gabriel has heard me talking about The Witcher, and decided that he, too, would like to wander in a forest where every leaf is apparently simulated or you can feel the mist rolling off a river in the morning.  And really, why wouldn’t he want that: why wouldn’t he want to see what the next console generation will look like as it nears its end, in a game released fully a week ago.  So he installs it, and it doesn’t run right.

There were no performance devouring grids this time; it’s simply down to the vagabond wanderings of the platform.  I placed a hand on his shoulder in a manner firm but yielding, suggesting that it may be time to retire the laptop and return to a full (I used the word “real”) machine.  He doesn’t have a desk to put anything on top of.  His entire family computes on laptops that travel wherever, or thin electronic plaques with morphing jewels that become whatever is needed.  There’s no niche in his ecosystem for a device like this.  How many people does this accurately describe?

It’s just…  sad.  The games he wants to play are here, they’re coming out, and he’s choosing the noble platform.  But that’s not always enough.

If you were curious at all about the Bachelor Party I attended for our own Moff Fehlauer, I was surprised to learn that there were video cameras filming the event for a possible episode.  To describe the proceedings as “luxuriant” would diminish them.  At one point, I saw Kris Straub eat a pudding cup while seated in a hot tub.  It was then that I realized that some essential aspect of our humanity had fallen away.

(CW)TB out.

i can’t decide who wore it best

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