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Tycho / on Wed, Jul 20 2011 at 12:00 am

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Annservice, Part Three

Tonight is Preview Night at the San Diego Comic Con, a very particular sort of environ, the very moment when the scab is ripped off the show and it begins to suppurate.

It’s actually very strange to sit under those lights as long as we do in there, it is unlike existence in key ways, and they crank the air conditioning up (or, more accurately, down) to cryogenic levels to prepare the hall for its imminent colonization.  It’s so cold in there that you literally start grabbing things off of your own shelves and begin wearing them.  You experiment with “layers” not just for the couture factor but also in order to fucking survive.

We will be available for anything you may require this evening at booth 1334, shivering even though we are mummified in our own merchandise, wracked with spasms like fever victims, bound up in dark dreams.  Come for the con exclusive merchandise, stay for the lunatic prophecies.

Speaking specifically to the former, Erika’s Gamer Crest design is officially rad, with some Latinasty from Brian to the tune of “I Came, I Saw, I Waited.”  We might have other versions of the shirt at some point, but this one is specific to the show; the superbear in the upper right quadrant establishes its unique role in the SDCC ecosystem.

We also have Kiko’s “Keep Calm & Respawn” shirt in an alternate color for the show.  I don’t entirely know what this color is called.  I asked Gabriel if it was more “merlot” than “plum,” and he pursed his lips.  “It’s dark red,” he said.

We also have this poster, based on the newest compilation, available only at the show as well.

(CW)TB out.

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