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Tycho / on Mon, Jan 2 2012 at 11:16 am

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Side Effects May Include


Here is today’s strip, which I will get into momentarily, but I’ve just now realized that I could leave this graphic up and nine times out of ten it would probably be fine.

Writing The Trenches every week is a high point for me.  I wasn’t entirely certain that “opening our relationship” to incorporate a third conscious being would result in even a single strip being created.  I was wrong, though.  We’ve made tons.

Scott Kurtz thirsts for communion; his working modality is to engage in what Brenna would call “Stitch and Bitch.”  Gabriel and I talk about random shit when we are spinning up, but Scott wants to talk about actual things: relationships, boudoir proclivities.  In other words: real talk.  Two sessions ago, our Scott-directed dialogue necessitated diagrams from each of us in order to elucidate certain particulars.  I went over to take a picture of it, so you could see, but his drawing is more or less photorealistic.  Mine incorporated a devil mask, an altar, and a pitchfork, not to mention four mottled feet of brutal, almost scythe-like dong.  Gabriel’s depicted a fairly normal scenario of two people doin’ it, which he seemed to think represented some radical new sexual technology.

Last time we entered the comic strip equivalent of “the hexagon,” I revealed my endurance secret.  Hence the strip.

Upon his completion of TOR’s Esseles “Flashpoint,” which a World of Warcraft player might call an “instance” even though there isn’t really a direct analogy, Gabriel sent me a mail which read:

Start playing star wars

just as I had begun installing the game in question.  Always one step ahead; that’s how I maintain my stature as the preeminent person who, like…  does things.  I’m only level fourteen, so I don’t really know anything.  Maybe when you hit level fifteen, it starts to get real, real dumb.  I will tell you something strange that happens though, and has never happened for me before anywhere in the genre; whenever I enter a tough room I always reach up to quicksave.  That’s weird, right?  The game is filed mentally as “single player,” despite all the evidence to the contrary.

That’s quite a trick.

(CW)TB out.


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