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Gabe / on Thu, Jan 5 2012 at 9:48 am

An idea I had

I’m a big Disney fan. I love the theme parks and the movies and all of it. On our recent trip to the Aulani resort I saw all the kids getting autographs from the various characters in their little Disney autograph books. I’ve always felt sort of like a mascot at PAX. I’m not responsible for running the event. I’m out on the floor meeting people and taking pictures and stuff. I am very much like Mickey Mouse at Disney land. Or maybe one of the Princesses. So I thought what if we had a Penny Arcade autograph book.

Right now I sign a ton of badges at PAX, and programs. At San Diego Comic con I sign random scraps of paper or the backs of free posters from other booths. I think it might be cool to have a special book that you could buy in our store before an event and bring with you to the show. I’m thinking a small book with drawings of all the Penny Arcade people and under each picture a little hint about where they can be found. So obviously it will have Tycho and I but it will also have Robert, Kiko, Erika and everyone else that you’ve seen on PATV along with a little note about where you’re likely to spot them. We’d also include a bunch of blank pages for all the other awesome people you might catch at PAX like the RvB guys or MC Frontalot.

Personally I think this would be a really great souvenir from the show. I pitched the idea to Brian our merchandise guy and he likes it but before we rush out and print it he’d like to hear from you guys. Let’s say it costs around ten bucks, is this something you’d like to have? I put up a poll so you could weigh in. Let us know what you think and it won’t hurt my feelings if you think it’s a stupid idea.

-Gabe out

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