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Tycho / on Sun, Jan 29 2012 at 11:01 pm

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Gabriel the Younger expressed intense delight at the prospect of Minecraft Lego, a state of affairs his father could not entirely understand.  A member of the forums awaits with great anticipation the inevitable Lego Minecraft videogame.  This is the Circle of Life; one can very nearly hear Elton John.

I didn’t even know about any extra quests or whatever in Kingdoms of Amalur with new copies, but learning that such a thing exists isn’t as startling to me as it is to other sentients.  The version of Kingdoms of Amalur we have contains no DLC code, it was just a little Blu-Ray contained in only the most functional swaddling and transport, our little Moses on the Nile.  This practice is fairly typical Project Ten Dollar stuff, and has a strong allegory in the publisher’s other genre offerings, like Mass Effect 2’s Cerberus Network and the extra Companions included with Dragon Age: Origins and the sequel.

All discussions of DLC ultimately return to Oblivion, a game so big that DLC was never quite necessary.  Similarly, in Kingdoms, you probably wont feel the loss of seven quests.  Even if these quests were amazing quests, the game has so much going on otherwise and you will be cutting, electrocuting, and sometimes cutting with a sword that also electrocutes for so many hours that I would be very surprised if you were able to remain angry.

I’ve been reading a lot this weekend about Fat Cats and how fat they are and how they want your money, but the only choice you get in this matter (aside from the wholly valid “not buying it” choice, of course) is which supposed Fat Cat to enrich.  You can enrich the people who made the game you are enjoying, or you can enrich people who had nothing to do with the game.  Policies like this are designed to incentivize new purchases: that is to say, sales.  We call those sales.

We have somehow arrived at a point where you must fully enunciate an idea like buying products.  I find this conversation incredibly strange.

(CW)TB out.

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