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Gabe / on Thu, Sep 13 2012 at 4:00 pm

It’s not called c4rd warri0rz anymore

So I posted some information about my tabletop game earlier this week. I got a ton of great responses and I really appreciate that so many of you think it sounds interesting. I’ve got a lot more mechanics than I posted about and I’ll be sharing those with you a little bit later. right now I wanted to address one of the big questions I got.

“An RPG needs a world and a story, what is yours?”

Well I’ve decided to set this game in the Eyrewood. Tycho and I have talked about the Lookouts and even the Daughters but this is an entirely new group. So just like I’m showing you the process of creating the mechanics, I’m also going to bring you in as I start building out the world.

So who is this new group in the Eyrewood and what are they like?

As the young Lookouts are so fond of singing “The Eyrewood stretches top to toe”. This is more true than even they know. The Eyrewood is a massive thing and the Lookouts can patrol only a tiny fraction of it. They watch their roads and guard their villages but they cannot be everywhere and truth be told, there are places in the Eyrewood that even a Lookout will not tread.

It might surprise you to learn that there are men who have left the Lookouts, or been forced to leave. Unsatisfied with its scope or critical of its rules, they are now outlaws and outcasts. They have walked away from their oaths and disappeared into the Eyrewood. There are many stories of these men and the hidden paths they walk. For those whom the Lookouts can not or will not help, these stories represent a last desperate hope. For it is said that if no one else can help you and you know the proper way to call them, they will come.

They are the THORNWATCH

So there you guy. Yes my idea is essentially a Lookouts version of the A-Team. I’ve started doing some concept work and trying to figure out what these guys look like. This is all very early but like I said I want to share the entire process.

I’m doing another play test tomorrow hopefully with some new mechanics for adjudicating non-combat experiences using your cards. I’m also working on a fifth class that I hope to have ready for the test. I’ll post again next week probably with an update. Thanks again for all the words of support. I think this is going to be really cool.

-Gabe out

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