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Tycho / on Mon, Oct 15 2012 at 12:01 am

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“Dating Tips For Geeks” is some intolerable new genre, malformed and asinine; there are no good examples of this ruse in existence.  Well, there are good examples of how bad it is.  I thank the black hole where a God would be EVERY DAY that I’m not in the market for this kind of bullshit.  That in my desolation and loneliness there was no warped sexual vizier to whirl out of thin air and dispense the kind of wisdom which should be firmly contained within quotation marks.

It has not been my experience that “women” is an incredibly useful term when it comes to knowing what people are like.  Likewise, “men” hasn’t proved especially stable as a construct!  So when someone purports to have discovered a mystical formula to alchemize these two cosmic forces, you need to understand that they are engaging in a terrible and ancient form of chicanery.  This is not new.  You do not have to incorporate profoundly toxic ideas about masculinity in order to be lovable.  I try not to engage in real talk without the Irony Shields engaged, but there you have it.  These people are nuts, and they will make you nuts if you let them.

Gabriel threw a ten hour X-Com save in the garbage so he could start over and “do it right,” which - even given his new-found zealotry - is an outcome somewhat beyond the statistical model.

This morning saw no less than four people in our office breaking down a weekend’s worth of battles, and we don’t actually have that many chairs, so the proceedings had the warm, slapdash quality of an indie album cover.  Everyone is using everyone else in their squads, renaming characters, and sometimes they die, which is a little awkward but hey it’s cool.  Everyone has exactly the same pieces, they’re playing the same “game” ostensibly, but they’re but they’re all arranged differently.  Everyone has their own story, but they understand yours; they are all members of that gallows fraternity.

(CW)TB out.

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