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Tycho / on Wed, Jan 2 2013 at 2:18 pm

Ad-Free Main Page!

I like what Erika’s done with the place.  This sort of thing would have been my job, circa 2000, when I was so bad at HTML that I had to invent the idea of a Newspost just to fill my stretched-out tables.  It kept me out of trouble, I guess.  I’m glad there’s somebody who can do that now, who actually likes doing that, would probably be doing that in her spare time and just dragging it to the trash if she wasn’t here doing it for us.

When you don’t have to design the entire thing around ads, things look a lot different, huh?  I don’t have to say, or be heard to say, anything I don’t explicitly choose here.  We now have room over on the right to give the work Ben and Sophie are doing at The Penny Arcade Report a place of honor, also.  Plus, Erika gave me custom fields in the backend for the lyrics in my post, so I can include them without destroying the website EVERY DAY


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