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Tycho / on Tue, Feb 26 2013 at 11:01 pm

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I understood that Reddit was “the front page of the Internet,” but I am not a Redditor and to be perfectly frank I don’t know what’s required to become one.  I don’t know if that refers to some Dark Conclave of supermods, or if it applies to people posting things, or if it can apply to a person who reads things but doesn’t post them and also doesn’t post on things other people have posted.

The most I have ever thought about the site was when all that shit went down with the megaporn that apparently forms the substrate of the site.  Erotica of terrible precision, like women doing yoga on a tarp covered with hummus, “elbow-play,” or something called “chemo baristas.”  Those don’t go anywhere, I just thought it would sell the joke better if they appeared to be.  They all just go back to this page.  Too bad we don’t have any ads on here though, huh?  I shoulda thought of this before.

Ever since Mike who is Gabriel did his AMA, I daresay he’s become an enthusiast.  In fact, just last night, I’ll be God damned if he didn’t forward me a hilarious gif from some haunted strata of that site.  When it came time to contribute something of his own it was something that he took seriously; it was, I don’t know.  Cute.  He doesn’t give a shit what anybody thinks, that’s not an act; I urge you not to test it.  But get enough somebodies together, apparently, pile them up, and he will shuffle toward this amalgam hat-in-hand.

The actual thing he placed on the Black Altar was his bit about the Surface Pro, which I thought was great; the whole endeavor seemed like the sort of thing we would make a strip about, and we needed to make one, so we did.

(CW)TB out.

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