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Tycho / on Sun, Mar 3 2013 at 11:01 pm

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Engaging The Social Web

So, imagine that advertising and those who are made to look at advertising are locked in a constant struggle not unlike that between infectious organisms and organisms that don’t want to get infected.  They co-evolve in various ways; they circle each other in a tense orbit, until a development on either side alters the board.  Susceptibility to traditional commercial messages has been almost completely bred out of the stock.  You have to hide it now, like when you secret a massive pill in a glistening heap of Fancy Feast.  It’s entirely possible that when you think about our culture and all our entertainment as disease vectors you may become nauseous.  Have you considered Pepto-Bismol, either as a chewable tablet, caplet, or classic liquid?

I knew that what Gabe wrote about his Surface Pro was cool: it was cool precisely, exactly because it revealed the device in a way a professional reviewer could not.  And it had the effect of being easy to absorb because it’s not his job to do this kind of stuff - it was, for lack of a better term, oblique.  What we found very quickly was that a kind of current exists in that type of writing, a strong one, and that when you get the kind of response he did humanoid shapes start schlorping from the mire.  They’re weighed down with mountains of conditional loot and they want to talk sometime.

I don’t think this kind of thing is one hundred percent evil, everybody just has to know what’s up.  For example, someone wanted to grant us a motorcycle.  Robert said, well, you can see what Robert said in today’s strip.  But if somebody wants us to ride Segways really slow or something, you know, we’re around.

Because Brian is Brian, he has put all shirts that contain the color green on sale, presumably to assuage the leprechauns he wronged in Tralee a few years back.  There’s three pages of shirts on sale, including Erika’s new dinosaur one.  There’s a bunch of new ones there, actually.  Oh!  And the Div cap, also.  Seemed like there were some symmetries there.

(CW)TB out.

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