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Tycho / on Thu, Mar 7 2013 at 11:01 pm

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When a retailer stops selling your game because your shit is so busted, and people try to get the money they spent on your nega-game back and you get mad, it seems like that would be pretty bad.  Maybe it should be!  Maybe it should matter.  Does it?  Well, seeing as they pull this shit more or less on the regular, we can say pretty clearly that it does not.

It’s enough to make you investigate tabletop gaming.  You should be doing that anyway probably.  But I try to imagine this six-sider between the thumb and forefinger of my left hand turning into dough or evaporating or drawing blood or whatever and it seems unlikely.  At this stage of the game, I mostly find it incredibly confusing.

At root, I mean, here’s the problem.  There’s a lot of those, I guess.  But this is another manifestation of Gamers inexorably wanting to Game.  They’ll fix it in a week or so, through a combination of actual repairs and players leaving, and if it coalesces we’ll lean our pitchforks against the doorframe and make some towns.  Right now, it feels like they stole fifty dollars.  If they give it back, in the form of a functioning product, are we “even”?

Our toys are incredibly complex apparitions, and to a certain extent I will never stop being surprised when they work.  I didn’t buy it, so it is conceivable that I might harbor some sympathy: the sympathy any creator has for another creator.  It’s literally like going into an invisible mine with invisible tools and coming out every day with a slightly more solid form of nothing.  I can feel like that toward an individual or a team.  It gets attenuated as the entity I’m trying to synchronize with grows in scale, until it becomes almost impossible.  Now, it’s like trying to see eye to eye with Yog-Sosoth, except Yog-Sosoth doesn’t actually have any of those.

There are several million permutations of comics you could do on the topic - ultimately we settled on three of them, and them compressed them into a single strip.  So if you don’t like one of them, my recommendation would be to look slightly to the right or left.

(CW)TB out.

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