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Gabe / on Mon, Mar 11 2013 at 11:18 am

Pinny Arcade

It took four years but Pinny Arcade is finally a reality! I came back from a trip to Disneyland totally hooked on Disney Pin Trading. I loved the experience of finding cool pins around the park and trading with cast members. I immediately started thinking about doing something similar with Penny Arcade. It’s taken a long time but Pinny Arcade is the result.

Right now you can purchase the starter set which includes a custom lanyard and four pins.

You will also be able to get the starter set at any PAX you attend. We will also have special pins that are only available at certain events. So if you want the PAX Australia inaugural pin you need to attend the show or trade with someone who did.

We have tons of ideas for pins based on Penny Arcade comics. We have fifteen years of material to draw on and no shortage of fun characters. You can expect to see pins based on all your favorite stuff from the strip like Twisp and Catsby, The Lookouts, Deep Crow, and a million other things.

In addition to Penny Arcade stuff we will also be creating pins based on gaming in general. For example at PAX East this year you’ll be able to get a special Magic the Gathering pin from the WOTC booth. This is an official Pinny Arcade pin made by us with the seal on the back. Ideally I want PAX shows to be full of these awesome pins. At future shows you might be able to get a Master Chief pin from the MS booth, custom Street Fighter pins from Capcom or a limited edition pin from Sony commemorating the launch of the PS4!

My vision is to create a set of pins based not just on PA stuff but on material from all your favorite games! So this is honestly just the beginning.

Designing these pins was a lot of fun. Figuring out how much detail you can fit into a pin and still have it look great took some time. Here’s an example of what my design for the Gabe pin looks like:

I want to thank Kiko, Erika, and Levin our incredible graphic designers for helping me get this project off the ground and Brian our merch guy for working his ass off to get these not just made but made to our ridiculous standards. I’m so proud of the final result and I cannot wait to start trading with you guys at PAX East in just a couple weeks!

-Gabe out

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