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Gabe / on Thu, Apr 11 2013 at 8:39 am

Strip Search!

The latest episode of Strip Search is live and it’s another great one. I’ve seen some posts on the message board asking to see the artists making more art. Well here you go.

When Graham says “it’s time to meet the creators” he really means it. Tycho and I had not met any of the artists until they walked onto the elimination stage. We had our spies keeping us updated on the happenings in the house but we were not actually there. So it’s been really awesome for me to get to watch all these challenges that I heard about during filming but never actually saw.

Remember you can chat with other Strip Search fans via the comments thread after the episode or using the #stripsearch tag on Twitter. I know for a fact that all the artists watch both places and love interacting with you guys.

Unlike pretty much every other reality television show our artists own everything they create on Strip Search. Erika has posted a big run down on the site listing all the merchandise the artists have created. If you loved something you saw on the show chances are you can buy it from them right now.

Last but not least please subscribe to our PATV youtube channel so you don’t miss any of our awesome shit. We have a ton of great shows besides Strip Search on there. Also the new season of PA The Series will be starting up this year and we’re working on bringing Gabeart back with a new style. 

Oh, and will someone at NCSoft please send me a Wildstar beta key. Thank you.

-Gabe out


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