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Tycho / on Fri, Apr 12 2013 at 12:01 am

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Emulator, Part Two


When I’m as sick as I am now, it’s incredibly difficult to sleep.  We’ve invented ways of managing that part: today, in the year of our lord whatever whatever, stimulation of a type which the organism can perceive is in ready supply if not literally omnipresent.  I can deal with that part.  What I can’t deal with are the alien thoughts that are constantly testing my resolve, trying to pass themselves off as homegrown cognition.  The externals that talked to Philip K. Dick gave him books, at least.  These jagoffs ain’t giving me shit.


Gabriel the Younger has other classes in the works, in various states of dress, but even the bedrock is comprised of some fairly novel material.


When I backed the Pebble, that “second screen” watch for smartphones, I had every intention of choosing a red one and actually thought that I had done so.  Apparently I didn’t, and it’s a good thing, because red ones were apparently harder to make - no doubt on account of their increased speed.  What this means is that I have one on my wrist, now, and at the risk of spoiling the next paragraph I like having it there.

The watch isn’t “done” in a lot of ways.  I know that Levin decided to Jailbreak his iPhone to get a broader range of notifications.  The device people backed has an app/watchface ecosystem and tools for creating and sustaining the aforementioned.  But what I’m wearing now proves the claim, the validity of the wristward concierge, even in its existing state.  There is a strong case that undergirds this kind of use, and a lot of ways to materialize that potential.  I’ve heard its role described as a kind of info Triage, a way to ford the fucking onslaught of information that is perpetually making demands on me from my pocket.  I don’t know how many people want magic watches, probably less than I would guess, but I thought Smartphones were pretty inside baseball, but now when I see a dumbphone I purse my lips without meaning to.

(CW)TB out.

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