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Tycho / on Fri, May 10 2013 at 12:01 am

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It’s quite true: we did call a man a bad name for his brutally effective shenanigans in the World of Warcraft card game.  That was before we knew who he was, before we entrusted him with a few of our own games.

Then he had to come out the box with this shit, which rocked our alliance.  Also, since it’s an electronical card game, each card has three sides!  He doesn’t give two shits about natural law - the man’s got no moral compass.  He needs to be put down like a sick dog.

I backed THE FUCK out of Hex, which confers a series of increasingly gross benefits, but what we’re backing is the creation of a Free to Play game - if it succeeds, everybody wins.  That’s my favorite type of Kickstarter, from the Creative Commons stylings of Mobile Frame Zero to another digital card game, Solforge, and yeah, our own Kickstarter for the Downloadable Content Podcast.  We made our goal in thirty-four seconds, and we’re currently sitting at 681,634% funded, so…  clear off some space on your iPod, I guess.

I saw something over at IGN that I don’t think is getting enough play, because it’s very interesting strategically: it has to do with the Xbox Live Family Plan.

It wasn’t for everybody, but the people it was for it was most definitely for.  The problem is that it only allowed or a single parent account, and a set of associated Child accounts, and it turns out that spouses do not like being given an “allowance” of Microsoft points.  Crazy, right?  I know.  They collapsed the offer fairly recently, as opposed to reworking it, which I thought wasn’t an especially good play.  For a parent who wants conscious about this stuff, the toolbox there was pretty deep.

You might have heard that Microsoft intends to offer a subsidized version of the next Xbox, as is common with phones, and the rumor is that the compulsory Live subscription would run fifteen dollars.  I’d assumed that was just usury, until the rumor above suggested that this price was for Family - that is to say, four accounts.  If paying a subscription to Live is itself anathema to you, that’s no comfort.  But if you are anything like the growing number of people for whom a device like an Xbox is a family altar, Live as an a la carte service barely makes sense.

(CW)TB out.

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