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Gabe / on Fri, May 10 2013 at 9:57 am

Penny Arcade Stuff

Today is Friday so there’s a new Strip Search to watch.

Remember that three episodes of the show is actually just one day in the life of the artists. So when we do challenges like ping pong or the go karts, it’s to give the artists a bit of a break. We really didn’t want to burn these kids out so it was important to us that we give them some time to just have fun. Don’t worry, on Tuesday we verbally abuse two of them and then destroy the dreams of one. Yay!

In other PATV related news, I’ve committed to giving you guys a new Gabeart every Thursday. These are just me setting up a GoPro camera over my shoulder while I draw the strip. Here’s yesterday’s episode.


I’m doing all the sketching and inking in Manga Studio. I’ve had a few people including other artists ask me about the switch from Photoshop. I find Manga Studio to be much better for “drawing” than PS. The brushes are better and there’s a lot more options.I find that the lines I can get with Manga Studio using the default pen are much nicer than any custom brush I’ve tried in PS. There’s still some stuff like text editing,certain effects and polish works that PS just does better but for basic drawing I’m sold on Manga Studio.

On Wednesday we launched a new Kickstarter to bring back the DLC podcast.


You can find all the details over on the site, including our answers to some of the most F.A.Q.

The Child’s Play 2013 invitational golf tournament is coming up on May 20th and we still have a few spots available. You can get all the details on the Child’s Play site.

Finally we are working on the next batch of Pinny Arcade pins right now. We will have some great new pins for PAX Australia as well as a new set that will be available online around the same time. I’ll do a full pin preview soon with all the details for for now here is a sneak peek at some of my ideas.

-Gabe out

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