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Gabe / on Wed, May 22 2013 at 3:27 pm

Child’s Play Tournament Results

So before the tournament we let everyone place side bets on who among the PA staff would have the best score. All the money went right to Child’s Play and those who backed the right horse so to speak would get their names posted on the site. Well I am sad to say that Robert Khoo and his team took the honors with a score of -4. My team played hard but we only managed a -1. So here are the names of Robert’s supporters:

Amber Armstrong
Ben Wallis
Brandi Murphy
David Hanson
Dwayne McDonald
eric lee
Jacob Rogers
Jon Bankard
Jonathan Serna
Jordan Parker
Kevin Dent
Kyle Lichtenberg
Liam Hesketh-Jost
Matthew Dannevik
Paul Ference
Richard Amtower
Ryan Furlong
Thomas Barbour
Trevin Forkert
Wil Shipley
Xavier Velasquez

A score of four under par is pretty good and it was enough to beat me, but it didn’t come close to winning the tournament. Here are the real winners from Monday’s game:

1st Place with a score of 62:
Eric Knapp
David Mann
JJ Richards
Dan Elenbaas

2nd Place with a score of 64:
Gene Choi
David Hanson
Aaron McDonald
Brian Kostol

3rd Place with a score of 67:
Alex Benson
Ed Bolt
James Gillooly
Philippe Onetto

Longest Drive: Brian Kostol, 340 yards
Closest to Pin: Gene Choi, 5’5”

Thank you very much to everyone who supported us with the side bet donations and everyone who came out and played. We had an awesome day and together we raised just over 30,000.00 for Child’s Play! Now I call that…a hole in one.

-Gabe out

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