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Gabe / on Fri, Jun 28 2013 at 3:43 pm

Arena of Heroes

In my opinion there is almost nothing that is not improved by making it turn based. RPG’s, Fighting games, Root Beer. I love dem turns. Arena of Heroes is a turn based MOBA and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it today. Like any MOBA it’s free and this one you can play on PC, Mac or iPad. How about a Windows 8 version for tablets?

It’s a game of four heroes vs. four heroes and it’s got all the stuff you expect like lanes, minions and turrets. Only in Arena of Heroes you control all four of your heroes and issue them commands that eat up action points. Each hero gets three of these points and you can spend them to move and use special attacks. It sounds strange and honestly it is strange but it’s also kinda cool I think. It’s sort of like XCOM meets LOL.

Like I said it’s free so there’s no harm in giving it a try.

-Gabe out

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