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Gabe / on Wed, Jul 10 2013 at 10:50 am

“Video Games!”

I actually just grabbed a screenshot of my desktop for the middle panel today. I think I’m as ready as I can be for the 17 hours of flying. Here’s what I’ve got:

Final Fantasy 7: I am ashamed to admit I never played very far into this game. Grabbed it on Steam for the nostalgia.

The Walking Dead: I have managed to avoid playing this game. I tend not to go in for stuff that will press my “Dad” buttons but I just finished Last of Us and really loved it. Maybe I’m ready for the Walking Dead now.

Clash of Heroes: This is an awesome puzzle game that I can play pretty much indefinitely.

Magrunner: I picked this up on Steam the other day after reading a favorable review that compared it to Portal.

Sol Forge: It’s not Duel of Champions but DOC requires internet and I won’t have that on the flight. If I need a card game fix this will be my jam.

The Swapper: I picked this up intending to save it for the flight but I started it and ended up playing for an hour. I had to force myself to stop and save the rest for my trip.

Fairway Solitaire: This is another game that I can pretty much play forever I think.

Where’s My Mickey: I LOVE this game. It adds a bunch of new mechanics to the Where’s My Water formula and gives the entire thing a cool classic disney cartoon vibe.

Super Puzzle Platformer: This is a great game when you want something quick and fun. It’s hard as hell too.

Ittle Dew: This is a top down Zelda style adventure game. I started it already and I was really impressed. It’s got cool art, funny writing and some clever puzzles.

Civ V: Picked up the new expansion but saving it for the flight. I love that they built touch controls into this game so it runs great on the Surface.

Speaking of the Surface I’ve got my fingers crossed that MS will release Spartan Assault before I leave. If not I’m sure it will be out by the time I’m ready to fly back.

I feel pretty good about the flight now. I’ve never been able to sleep on airplanes but I’ve also never flown in the middle of the night. I’m hoping I can eat up some of the trip by napping. I should be able to pass the rest of the time with games. I’m actually sort of looking forward to it. As a parent I can’t remember the last time I had 17 straight hours that I could devote to guilt free gaming.

I’m really excited for PAX Australia. I’ve never been before, so Kara and I decided to stay for a week after the show and have a little vacation. We’ll head up to Sydney after PAX and do all the tourist stuff we can. If you have any recommendations please shoot me a mail.

-Gabe out

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