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Gabe / on Tue, Aug 27 2013 at 10:16 am

Pinny Arcade PAX Prime Part 1

Pin trading at PAX East and PAX Aus has been absolutely insane. Now it’s time to bring the Pinny Arcade madness to Pax Prime and it’s going to be even bigger. We’re launching more than 40 new pins at Prime! That’s a lot of pins so I’m going to break up the announcement into two parts. So today I’m just going to cover the new Penny Arcade related pins. Next week I’ll go over all the new third party pins from companies like Ubisoft, Sony and NCsoft.

First I’ll cover the pins that you will be able to purchase from the merch booth at PAX Prime.

The Core Set with lanyard.

This is your introduction into the magical world of Pinny Arcade pin trading. This core set has been available for purchase at PAX East and PAX Aus and is also available online from our store.

The PAX Prime 2013 set.

Each PAX this year has had it’s own unique set and Prime is no different. In this set you get little kid Gabe and Tycho from the “Trick of Retrospective” comic. As well as a kitten Thomas and the PAX Prime logo pin.

The Lookouts set.

This set includes all of the boys, the Scoutmaster Samson and the Lookouts Logo.

Finally if you spend $100 or more at the merch booth you will get the Merch pin. At PAX East and PAX Aus this pin was usually gone on the first day so if you want one I recommend hitting the merch booth early.

Now onto the pins you need to trade for.

Penny Arcade Staff Pins

Each Penny Arcade employee will have their own unique pin at PAX this year. They are caricatures drawn by none other than Tavis Maiden of Strip Search fame. Much like Pokemon you’ll need to do a lot of hunting or trading at the show in order to catch them all. I will give you some quick tips but honestly, even I don’t always know where to find everyone at PAX.

From left to right starting at the top:

Kristin - I’d check info booth
Jamie - The child’s Play panel?
Ben - follow his twitter he’s good about posting where he is
Jeff - The pitch your game idea panel
Mike- Exhibition most of the time
Josh- Standing next to Robert wherever Robert is
Erika- Front row at most Gabe and Tycho Q&A’s
Kiko-Pretty much all Omegathon events
Levin-Next to Erika
Dave-Good Luck
Robert- has a panel Monday with Tycho and I.
Brian-At the merch booth

That’s the best I can do. You can get twitter info for all of them right here. I’m super curious to see just how many people manage to collect them all.

Just like the previous PAX shows this year Tycho will have his Zombie Tycho pin and I’ll have the CTS pin to trade if you find us.

Finally PAX line entertainment Enforcers will have the Pinny Arcade logo pin available for trading.

Remember in order to trade with one of us you need to give us an official Pinny Arcade pin in trade. For the full rules and a list of all the currently available pins and how to get them check the official Pinny Arcade site. Currently the most rare pin is the DLC backer pin with a limited edition run of just 300.

I’ll be bringing some PAX Australia and PAX East pins to trade and I know a few other PA staffers will as well. I also expect to see a lot of them on attendees so getting a full set isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Last but not least we have a special set for those of you unable to make it to PAX.

The Twisp and Catsby set with lanyard will be an online exclusive. This set will go onsale during or shortly after PAX Prime so keep an eye on the store.

That covers all the Penny Arcade pins for PAX Prime. Next week I’ll give you the full list of 3rd party pins and how you can get them at the show.

-Gabe out

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