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Gabe / on Wed, Sep 11 2013 at 9:49 am

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The Tithe

Page 3 is up today and I have another high res panel for you.

click for big

What you see here is a Mother of the Eyrewood. Here’s a little peek in my sketchbook as I was working on her design.

I’ve seen a few Daughters of the Eyrewood cosplayers at PAX over the years. I’m hoping to see a lot more in the future and maybe even a Mother if someone can pull it off.

Some of you might be interested to see a bit more about how Tycho and I work on a project like this. When we write a normal strip we tend to collaborate on the dialog. On a long form project like this we work together on the general purpose of each page but then we sort of leave each other alone to do what we do best. For example the script for page 2 simply looks like this:

Page 2:


I knew I needed to draw her adventuring out into the Eyrewood and he knew he needed to write her a traveling song. Then we both went our separate ways. I know he’s going to give me an incredible song and he knows I’m going to try and make a rad page. I guess after working together for almost 20 years we just trust each other to make good stuff. It’s pretty awesome.

-Gabe out

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