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Gabe / on Wed, Sep 18 2013 at 10:05 am

Video Games

My wife and I have been playing Diablo 3 on the Xbox for the last few nights. We played a bit of the PC version together but both of us agree this is much better. Controlling your character with an analog stick rather than with pointing and clicking just feels better to me. It could be that I was a console gamer long before I ever had a PC but the couch just feels like the right place for Diablo 3. Kara and I are both playing new characters so while we’re covering some of the stuff we already played on the PC we’re at least experiencing it in a new way. If you never played it on the PC I highly recommend you give the console version a shot.

We don’t do PA presents projects for games unless we like them. In this case once we got our hands on the console version of Diablo3 we knew it was something special. So we did a series of comics that you can read over on the official site. This was a really cool project because it was the first time we got to work with Strip Search winner Katie Rice. Jerry and I wrote the scripts and Katie drew them. She’s super talented and the end result looks great I think. If you’re missing the video game comics here on PA you should hit the Blizzard site to read some jokes about Diablo.

I also started playing GTA V yesterday. I’ve never beaten one of these games but I always enjoy them. I tend to just drive around and essentially play in the sandbox rather than follow the storylines. I have to say this time the story is really grabbing me though. I find myself wanting to do the story missions and that’s never happened to me before. I think these characters are great and the way they tell the story by switching between them is just flawless. I can’t wait to play more.

I’m playing a bit of Card Hunter as well. I was a little disappointed to see all my progress in the beta wiped away with the official release but it’s good enough that I’m going back in again. If you’re curious, it runs really well on the Surface Pro and is decently playable with touch controls. You can’t “right click” to bring up more info on a card but once you know what your cards do that isn’t much of an issue. I’ve been playing it just using the touch controls and I’m enjoying it.

Speaking of touch controls on the Surface Pro, I am super excited about Gameplay from Gestureworks. It will essentially let you build and share custom touch controls for any Windows 8 game. This would be so huge for the Surface! Right now I have a bunch of steam games on my Pro that I love but few of them work well with touch. Games like Solforge and Civ obviously have touch support but there are lots of games (especially indie titles ) that run great on the Surface but require a keyboard and mouse or a controller. I’d love it if I could build some custom touch controls for Legend of Dungeon, Clash of Heroes or Gunpoint. They are shooting for a November release and I can’t wait!

-Gabe out

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