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Gabe / on Thu, Oct 31 2013 at 9:40 am

Eyrewood Halloween

I got some really great entries into my Eyrewood Halloween Costume contest. They were all awesome so I’m actually going to give everyone who entered a Tithe print pack! I did have some favorites though and I’ll make sure they get an extra special prize pack with some Lookouts pins and anything else cool I can stuff in the box.

1st Place

PA reader Chris says that he and his wife were especially inspired by the Tithe as they have a little five year old daughter of their own. Chris’ wife is an accomplished seamstress and put together this costume based on Hanna’s in the Tithe. I may actually end up having to draw this one at some point, it’s just too cute.

2nd Place

Jessica says she actually started working on this costume as soon as the Tithe began running on the site. She says she finished it just as the last strip ran! She looks like she stepped right out of the Eyrewood!

Third Place

Heather still has some work to do on her costume. She says she originally gave herself a deadline of PAX East but at the last minute decided to try and get it done for Halloween. It’s such a perfect version of the Mother from the Tithe I love it already and can’t wait to see it all finished at PAX East!

So that’s my top three but I absolutely loved all the entries. I made a special gallery where you can see all of them. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to make a costume and enter the contest. I means a lot to me that the Eyrewood means so much to you! Like I said I will make sure you all get a print pack.

-Gabe out

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