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Gabe / on Mon, Nov 4 2013 at 1:48 pm

Mail Bag

I got this mail today and saw a tweet with the same sentiment last week. I figured my response might be interesting to more than just the person who sent the mail.

“We get it, dude. Pins. PINS! I’m sure they’re a high-margin item and you guys have kids to put through college, but damn. Every day with the pin posts.”

It’s funny I used to think the same thing but it turns out lots of people come to the site, read the comic and then don’t even look at the news posts. We talked for months about PAR, put it on the front page of the site every day for a long time and people would still come up and ask if we ever thought about making a news site. We decided to run a survey and it turned out the majority of people were simply unaware of all the shit we were doing because we only mentioned it once or twice on the site. It was incredibly eye opening. If we want people to know about something we have to keep talking about it. Obviously it annoys you but all I can say is that I got mail from people today who honest to GOD had no idea we were making a Pin Ultimate edition. I don’t feel great about hammering on it all the time either but we have learned it’s the only way to make sure the news reaches our entire audience.

hope that helps.

So yeah I’m trying to keep posts about things like merchandise, contests, promotions and other cool projects up on the site multiple days. Some times that involves me just shifting the date so a post shows up again after it was supposed to drop off the front page. I don’t like that though and if I’m going to have to talk about something a lot I would at least like to have new information each time. It’s a delicate balance and I hope I’m not pissing too many of you off. Just know that if you see something day after day that you already know about, it’s not for you. It’s for the people who are seeing it for the first time.

-Gabe out

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