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Tycho / on Fri, Dec 20 2013 at 2:32 pm


I’ve got heaps of boardgames I’ve Kickstarted, and I mean heaps.  It’s fucking sick, and not sick like a 180 Kickflip Psychonator off the top deck.  It’s sick like I should probably be taking some kind of medicine to tamp it down.  Additional medicines, I should say.

I’ve backed a few videogames also, they usually end up mentioned somewhere on here.  FTL was the first to come out, and it was great, but it was by no means the most ambitious (read: “crazy,” “impossible”) of the ones on offer.  Republique was one that I didn’t expect to make funding - they wanted a half million, when most people were trying to get half a half million, which some people call a “quarter million.”  And the first part of it is actually out, for real, really out, for iPhone and iPad.  Computers get it later, and I think those will be solid, but this is the thesis: a game about the surveillance state, for which the device you’re holding is actually a prop.

This is a game made by tested veterans, curious if the mobile space will endure the kind of sneaky, stealthy, puzzle-y games that have homes on personal computers and consoles.  Can it?  Republique definitely has its own logic, but I felt rewarded for learning it.  I backed it at the level that lets you show up as a guard, so if you check it out, keep your eyes peeled.


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