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Gabe / on Fri, Feb 7 2014 at 11:30 am

You have a new friend

I mentioned the stream earlier and I wanted to talk a little bit more about it. Originally we thought it would be something we do a couple times a month but we’ve been having so much fun playing games and chatting with everyone that we’re doing it almost every day now. Even if it’s just for an hour everyone here at the office really looks forward to the streams. People bring their laptops out to the lobby and we all hang out on the couches. You’ve probably seen Jamie in the streams acting as a moderator and answering questions. Her Handle in there is JamiePA and she’s not just doing that kind of stuff on Twitch.

Jamie has stepped up recently to really help us with the PA community. She’s handling the Twitch streams but she’s also organizing all the playtests for Thornwatch. She’s helping us figure out how to bring Thornwatch to PAX east and give as many people the opportunity to play the game as we can. She’ll also be putting up a Thornwatch twitter soon to get the word out about all the progress we’re making and share behind the scenes stuff.

Jamie even helped out with the game night I did at Snapdoodle toys last month. She was there talking with folks, trading pins and fielding all sorts of questions about PA, Pinny Arcade and games. The more she did this stuff the more we realized the we really needed someone to do this stuff! Jerry and I are notoriously weird dudes and I always feel a little bad when I see how many of the emails to me start with “I’m sure you won’t read this but…” The truth is you all deserve to know that someone is reading all the mail we get, and the forum posts, tweets and Twitch chat. That there is someone you can ask when you have a question about what’s going on here or a suggestion or you just wanna tell us a “cool story bro”. Jamie has really become that person.

It’s a lot more work for her as her Child’s Play duties have not diminished at all. In fact last year was the biggest year CP ever had. We are hiring an intern to help with Child’s Play and we’ve actually started compensating her from the PA side for all the work she’s doing for the PA community. I’m not sure what her exact job title should be. I don’t like “community manager” and neither does Jamie. She would tell you she wants to help the community, not manage it. She wants to be a go between for you guys and all the stuff that happens in and around Penny Arcade. We might need Tycho to cook up a new word for it.

Anyway, this is just an official post to say that Jamie has made herself available for you all.  If you want to chat with her you can reach her a couple different ways. She is @calamityjamie on Twitter and you can email her with .

So come watch the stream today and say hi know for a fact she would love to hear from you.

-Gabe out

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