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Gabe / on Mon, Feb 10 2014 at 9:00 am

Club PA

Club PA is back! It’s not exactly like it used to be a decade ago though and so I wanted to break down for you exactly how this is gonna work and what Club PA members can look forward to.

There are essentially two tiers of support for Club PA. Each one will give you access for 6 months but what you get with each one is a bit different. First there is the $10+ option. With this option you will get a bunch of stuff:

Ad Free Experience
This one is pretty straight forward. Join Club PA and the website advertisements will disappear.

Full Comics and Newsposts in RSS Feed
This is something people have been asking us to do for a long time. The problem is that if you make your money by people coming to your website and seeing ads, well you sort of need them to come to your website. If you’re a club PA member we don’t care if you read the comic and our posts from the luxury of your favorite RSS feed!

Access to the DLC Podcast
We’re gonna keep making these podcasts and if you’re a Club PA member you’ll get access to it 2 weeks before “un-members”!

5% off all online PA merchandise
We figure if you’re a Club PA member you probably like Penny Arcade. It stands to reason you might like to buy some of our fabulous PA merch and we want to give you a little discount.

Access to the Staff Podcast
We have a lot of cool people here at PA doing all kinds of interesting stuff. This is a podcast where you’ll hear other PA folks talk about what’s going on here in the office and it’s only for Club PA members.

Early Access to Comics
Tycho and I usually make the comic the day before it goes live on the page. Sometimes even earlier! For example it’s Friday the 7th right now as I am writing this and I just finished the comic for Monday the 10th. You could be looking at it right now if you were a Club PA member!

High Res Comic Downloads
You might not know this but I actually draw the comics huge. They are massive 600 DPI files and we’re happy to let Club PA members download them. They are for “personal” use though so don’t go making T-Shirts or anything.

PA: The Series Ep. Downloads
Don’t like streaming your video content? We got you covered. Club PA members can download DRM free raw video files.

PA:The Series 1 Week Early
You get PA:The Series one week early. It’s pretty much just what it’s called.

Forum Badge
Show off your club PA membership in the forums with a special badge.

Bonus Access and Events
We’re planning a grab bag of other features for Club PA members, including Q&As with the staff, random lotteries for office tours, special meet and greets, and more!

Exclusive PA Merch
We will make cool things JUST for Club PA members. Yes, your 5% off still applies.

So that’s the $10+ option. If you spend between $10 and $29.99 you’ll get all that stuff. The second tier is the $30+ tier and you get all that stuff I just talked about plus a $10 PA store gift card and an exclusive Pinny Arcade pin (image below). So if you want to spend $29.99 I’d recommend you just go ahead and spend $30 to get the gift card and the pin.

You can check out the Club PA page for all the info and to purchase your 6 month membership if you are so inclined.

There’s a bunch of other new stuff going on in the new site design as well and even more in the works. Right now you’ll see a new random comic button, a more modern news post system and the ability to comment on comic strips. You’ll need a PA forum account to take advantage of that last one. I’ll talk more about all that stuff later. For now, just take a look around and get a feel for the new digs.


For those of you getting the 30+ membership, we will follow up to get your shipping address for the pin.

-Gabe out

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