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Gabe / on Fri, Mar 21 2014 at 11:31 am

Pinny Arcade at PAX East

PAX East is coming up pretty quick and we have an awesome selection of Pinny Arcade pins for you this year. We’ve already showed you some of the Penny Arcade offering for East so now I want to break down all the great 3rd party Pinny Arcade pins and give you details on how you can get them.

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The Behemoth
They have four new designs this year. They are all available for purchase from chonku chuonku machines at booth #512.

MS has a few pins this year. First is the Age of Empires pin, Anubis. Visit the Age of Empires booth in the exhibit hall and participate in the daily challenge or get your picture taken in the Onedrive photo booth to collect your Anubis pin and more.

Next is the Project Spark pin. You get this pin when you play the demo of Project Spark at the booth.  Look for a smaller booth next to Ubisoft.

Finally MS will also have a Killer Instinct pin for your KI Pin Ultimate Edition. Participants in the KI tournament hosted by Major League Gaming (MLG) at Turtle Beach’s booth will get a KI Fightstick Pin. You can also Challenge Dan T. (twitter @HonestHippo) to a KI fight to the death at the Xbox booth; defeat him for a pin.

Wizards of the Coast
You can get the Garruk Pin this year by participating in the Magic 2015 demo at the Wizards of the Coast Booth.

There is also the beautiful D&D 40 year anniversary pin. This is going to be a hard one to get. From what I understand it will be given out to attendees of our live Acquisitions Inc. D&D game.

They will have Leeroy Jenkins and Hearthstone cards pins. The Hearthstone pin will be handed out to those who demo any game in the Blizzard booth while supplies last. The Leeroy pin will be obtainable by attendees who find Blizzard’s Leeroy wandering the convention. I’m told he will have a special quest for you.

PvP Online
Scott will have the awesome Val pin from his Kickstarter. You will be able to buy it at Kurtz’s booth in Bandland.

Kris Straub
Next is the Broodhollow pin. Offered as purchase reward at Kris’s booth in Bandland.

MC Frontalot
Our good friend MC Frontalot also has a pin this year. It is available for purchase at Front’s booth in Bandland.

Katie Rice
The Camp Weedonwantcha pin! You can buy this one from Katie at her booth in Bandland.

There’s a couple more that I can’t mention just yet but that’s most of them. It’s going to be a great show for Pin Pals. I can’t wait to see you guys and do some serious trading!

-Gabe out

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