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Tycho / on Mon, Jun 2 2014 at 10:54 am

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Gabriel is fucking hooked on Wolf, which is the absolute last thing I expected.  You don’t make shooters without multiplayer, I’m not sure what these mutants thought they were up to exactly, but it’s simply not done.  If you want to get away with that kind of thing, it has to take place in a quasi-historical society powered by whale oil.  Although there is some weird science here, if you want to call it that.

I tried to figure out how what Gabriel was telling me about this “great WOlfenstein game!!!” could possibly have been true, until I saw that developer Machine Games was made up of former Starbreeze folks, and purchased it on Steam immediately thereafter.  They really did it, though; there’s some deft execution, and in an era where we are consistently being told we should be playing games about desertification, it’s sorta nice to dismantle a nazi robot dog with a machinegun and sorta be okay with that.

PS Plus and now Games With Gold have generally specialized in making me feel like a dumbshit for being such a thorough patron of the form.  I have been known in my time to purchase a videogame, which (between this freebie structure and Steam sales) seems like a deprecated strategy.  This said: Spartan Assault is free sometime this month, it ain’t bad, and Commander Palmer was one of my favorite parts about Halo 4.  The same team made Greed Corp, one of my favorite games.  Like many of my favorite games, nobody else seems to know about it.  I figured this out over the weekend.  If I am into your game, it’s not really a compliment.  What it means is that you should dissolve your studio and finish that accounting degree.

The other game arriving some time this month nobody knows but, you know, be tantalized I guess, is Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.  This game is no fucking joke, it simply had the ill-fortune to erupt on one of the most web-reviled appliances in history at a time when few people gave a shit.  This game is more slept on than beds, and hopefully making the game literally free will get people’s hands on it.  Don’t let them fool you with the art, or the mellow start: this thing goes to some mindbending places.  Don’t skimp on collecting the collectibles, either, where some very strong work has been done.  Most games are out of gas by the time they reach the end, and this one felt like it was just getting started.

(CW)TB out.

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