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Gabe / on Wed, Feb 18 2015 at 3:52 pm

PAX East Pins!

PAX East is coming up in just a few weeks and it’s going to be a huge show for pins. Here’s the scoop!

Battleblock Theater & Game 4 Pins [The Behemoth]
Found at The Behemoth booth (5020).

Teamfortress 2 Pins [We Love Fine]
For purchase at the Valve Store at our booth 9212

Overwatch Emblem Pins [Blizzard]
Common Pin - Fight for the future and play the Overwatch demo at PAX East 2015.
Rare Pin (Metallic) - Win “Play of the Game” during an Overwatch match at PAX East 2015.  Booth 8116.

Moonrise Nemony Pin [Undead Labs]
Get a Nemony pin for playing the Moonrise demo. If you have a Kitzapp (Moonrise Prime 2014) or Emberjaw (South 2015) pin, you can use it to enter the daily tournament and earn a pin for playing. Booth 3092.

Mystery Pin [Harmonix]
Look for details at PAX East.

Sarkhan, Unbroken Pin [Wizards of the Coast]
Available as a prize on the Prize Wall in the Magic tournament space in the Tabletop Area.

Bastion Pin [Supergiant]
The Bastion and Transistor Pinny Arcade Pins will be sold at our booth at PAX East (#8224).

Weedonwantcha Purdy Pin [Katie Rice]
The Purdy Pin can be found at Katie Rice’s table in Bandland.

Twitch Glitch Pin [Twitch]
Every morning at the twitch booth (10 AM): First 50 in line to play Heroes of the Storm.
Daily via Twitter: Tune into /twitch twitter for announcements on how to get the pins.

Star Trek Timelines Pin [Disruptor Beam]
Receive a Star Trek Timelines pin at booth #6068 by completing the game’s demo and joining the “Bridge Crew.”

Chariot Pin [Frima]
Chariot pin will be available for $10 at our booth (10057) at PAX East!

Pins available at the PAX Merch Booth:

PAX East Polygon LE Pin (Main Lobby Merch Booth Only)
PAX East 2015 Set
Merch 3.0 Pin

New trading pins:

This year Tycho and I will have new trading pins when you find us at a show. We will have the Gabbie and Tyche pins which are the lady versions of Gabe and Tycho that were created by our friend Mu. They actually designed these pins for us as well and I’m super happy with the way they came out.

The PA staff will also have new trading pins beginning at East. It’s another set of caricatures, this time drawn by none other than the incredible Katie rice!

Gabbie Pin - Trade with Gabe
Tyche Pin - Trade with Tycho
Staff Series 3 - Trade with Penny Arcade staff.

So there you go. I know that’s a lot of pins to drop on you at one show but they are all so cool! Do your best, go after the ones you really want, and have fun trading!

-Gabe out

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