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Gabe / on Fri, Aug 21 2015 at 10:48 am

Stuff you can buy.

Hello Penny Arcade readers. I’d like to introduce our merchandise guy Brian. He is not good at Fantasy Football like me and he is very physically fit. He’s going to talk about merchandise at PAX Prime.

-Gabe out

(click for the big version)

PAX! It’s soon. SO SOON! If you’re planning on coming, you’re probably excited about a lot of things. Somewhere down near the middle of that list might be some show merch. I’m here to tell you that you should move merch higher on the list. Way higher. We’ve got great stuff this year. New stuff! Stuff you have probably not even IMAGINED!

Here’s a shortlist of JUST the PAX Exclusive items we’re going to have: Playmats, Scarves, Foam D20s, Water Bottles, A New Mug, Pins, T-Shirts, Posters.

Plus… and I’m separating these because I want to highlight them.

A super-limited edition giclee print of the program cover art (we’ll only have 100 per day).

Astro A38s (their new wireless headsets) with exclusive Penny Arcade tags.

And… for the first time ever, a PAX Hoodie. We went all-out on these. Premium, fleece-lined sweatshirts, with our own pattern lining the hoods and embroidered designs on the chest and across the back. They are seriously sweet!

You can also get an exclusive drawstring backpack as part of a PAX Combo set. It includes the bag, the PAX Waterbottle and a t-shirt all together for $60.

Here is the full banner for your perusal. Note the usual PAX logo tees along with this year’s themed Polygon tee. Both are exclusive to PAX Prime. We’re also debuting our new Gender Alignment tee at the show. It’s up there on the banner in purple.

As usual, we’ll have our three reward tiers. If you buy the requisite amount of stuff we’ll be handing you a patch, or a PAX slap bracelet, or a Merch 3.0 pin. 

We’ll have two merch booths this year. The Main Store is in the usual spot in the South Lobby of the Convention Center. The Lite Booth is in the 1st Floor Lobby of the Sheraton. Both booths will have pretty much everything, except the Limited Edition PAX Prime Polygon Pin. THAT will ONLY be at the Merch Lite booth.

I’ll say that again one more time so everyone who wants to know will see this: The PAX Prime Polygon Pin will be available ONLY at the Merch Lite booth in the Sheraton lobby.


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