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Tycho / on Mon, Aug 22 2016 at 11:11 am

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Mei got buffed to a gleam in a recent patch, and we made a comic that establishes the contours of my opinion on the matter.  I enunciated the same position online, and I got tooken to school on Tweetzor, because my nub was showing and I had to L2P.

I talked once about how I wondered if Melbourne and - how it is properly said - Mael-Byn, the Southron Spire were the same word, or even the same idea.  Overwatch makes me wonder something adjacent; that is to say, it makes me wonder if every warring fiefdom inside that concept is equally Overwatch.

In Competitive Mode, you can’t stack champs.  On console, there are those who have made a pact with a creature that calls itself “XIM” that enables acts of superhuman precision.  Weaponry that targets automagically has different ramifications on console and PC.  These things are all completely independent from player skill.

At the upper tier of player skill, Mei is not viable in the meta.  This is what I’m being told.  I was going to put some quotes in there, but those things are all normal language now.  You would make a sound like that and nobody would bat an eye.  At my tier of play, Mei, actually, hang on.  If I don’t type this sentence out it’s just going to knock around in my head all day.

At my tier of play, know that Mei flexes cryo; I’ve got an icicle in each one of my eyeholes.

I’m not even advocating for the solution proposed in the strip, though clearly that’s the optimal scenario for me.  But down where I am in the muck, changes meant to secure some kind of destiny for her way up in the skill ladder is deeply, deeply bad news for my optic nerve.

(CW)TB out.

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