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Tycho / on Fri, Jan 20 2017 at 11:37 am

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Now that it seems like Gorobriel’s stuff is staying in, and he can laugh without terror, he’s back to his old haunts.  He loves Symmetra’s playstyle, and he loves her comic, which I love also.  The moral dimension of Overwatch is deliciously robust, even before you broach the subject of erotic Tumblr comminglings.

Symmetra is not his attack choice.  Although, I just had a conversation with somebody yesterday about the effectiveness of Attack Symmetra after the rebuild, so who knows.  He has an Attack roster and a Defend roster, and he won’t mix those anymore than he would allow foods to mix on a plate.  When I go to a buffet, it’s a gruesome affair; people gaze upon my works and despair.  I swear to God I wasn’t trying to rhyme.  When he goes to a buffet, it’s as though the warring food factions are held in place by a spectral bento box.

I included a dense brick of links at the end of the post yesterday, mostly as a joke, but it ended up being really useful to people?  We’ve been around forever, to the extent that you can spend as much time here as you want to really.  Our engineer (though the official title of the position is TECHNOMANCER, in all caps) modified the RSS for the podcast to include more archive, if you want it.

Oh!  And, if you have just emerged from a Time Portal that only allows organic materials through, Gavin’s new “Thanks, Internet!” tee is up on the shop, on a soft, unisex blank that is basically like wearing a hug.


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